The School Business Register is still a free platform to connect local business with local school communities. However I sometimes wonder what I’m doing!? I did try and monetise this concept a while ago, however as a small business myself, I felt I needed to support other small businesses rather than ask for fees to help grow mine.

I also want to commit to growing a locally connected business register close to where our kids go to school, which happens to be our local residential areas.  I believe that supporting parents in business is positive for the commujity. It’s great for the kids too and generates a connected society where we can openly support each other in what we do.

Getting to know our local business providers is not so hard, especially if they have a shop front on the local street. However there are just as many, if not more, local business providers working behind their front doors or via an online website, who we don’t know.

We get introduced to them via referals predominantly. Word of mouth business works well and is perfect for local communities to thrive. I have written before about other ways local businesses can become visible to the community. You could do the following;

– offer a prize or gift to the local school when they hold a trivia night or fete.

– Advertise in the local paper

– Set up a facebook promotion, establish a twitter or instagram account

– Set up a stall at the local markets

– Network with other parents in the school playground to let them know what you do

– Advertise in the local school newsletter

– Start a blog

– Set up affiliate marketing

Many people feel uncomfortable doing their own promotion. They love what they do and are experts in their area of skill, however verbally promoting what they do can be an uncomfortable experience for many. Showcasing yourself can feel like you are showing off.  This is because many of us identify so closely with what we do and we don’t separate it so well from our ourselves.

That is whay using a 3rd party affiliate or promotional platform can work in your favour. Look at what an affiliate program can do for you here. Plus sign up to as many online platforms to showcase your business – blog, Facebook and other social platforms. Hire a PR consultant to pitch your business story to media so you don’t need to. Plus of course sign up your business for free at the School Business Register.