Recently, the School Business Register spoke to a range of parents in business to ask them when and why they started their business? As a parent, starting a venture of your own can be quite a struggle,  but can end up, just as rewarding as starting a family. Over the next couple of weeks we will showcase a number of parents in business. Here they share their tips of inspiration in starting and operating a business. If you have one, why not register your business for free Here. Its simple and easy.

Shiaoling Lim from Shichida Australia. – “My child was in prep when I started and now he is in Year 7″

“I was in the corporate world for the last 16 years prior to me starting the Shichida Education centres in 2008. Being in a regional corporate job, it required that I travel frequently to Asia and the US”

It all started with parenthood, which for me, was one of the most fulfilling jobs I have undertaken. Through my background and network, I am privileged and fortunate to be introduced to the Shichida method and see my alignment with the fundamental and values of the method. 2 things that first strike me were: the emphasis on the heart and mind and the underlying objective of bringing out the innate abilities of a child in order to maximize his/her potential. Since the birth of my child, I am a very involved and c ommitted mother. My interest and passion naturally turned towards early childhood and education. I knew it was time for me to make a career change when I got more excited learning and seeing my child develop and early childhood development in general, than being earmarked for a promotion in the corporate world.

Hence, I chose to pursue this being an area I feel passionately about and feel closely connected to.

That was 2008 and now in 2015, we currently have 4 centres in Australia – 3 being in Victoria and 1 in New South Wales.

5 tips on starting business as a parent:

1. Follow your passion: Starting a business is hard work. Especially in the first few years. Be ready to be hands-on. If the business is your passion, it will get through the times where others would have given up.
2. Get your support team behind you: Husband, your parents, siblings an d friends. Their unconditional love for you can come in the form of a favour to run an errand, brainstorming an idea for you, babysit your child or just a hug when you are down.
3. Involve your child in the business where possible: Where else can your child learn management 101, customer service 101, grit and resilience than seeing you in action. The convenience of it being your own business is that your child can be around you at work.
4. Stay positive: Eg. people management – that is often the hardest as a manager and business owner. Depending on the type of person you are, one can get very affected by the response of others. Think of it this way, it is a life experience that you can share with your child to learn from it. Better still if your child is aware of the situation. Seeing live examples is always a better way to learn than hearing an advice from a parent.
5. Enjoy the journey and be mindful of the present: Always keep in mind why you started your business. The purpose, drive and passion that got you going in the first place. That will always be your compass.

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