We have a great register full of parent support from the days of SocialSchool. Our new model is of benefit triple fold! for schools, parents and local businesses. JOIN HERE TO RECEIVE YOUR FREE E-NEWS

In a nutshell, “The School Business Register is Australia’s leading fund-raising & business register for Australian school communities”

It’s about using architects, cake-makers, fitness coaches, photographers, children’s art designers, retailers, marketers and more from your OWN school and local community plus providing a positive fundraising option for the school.

The register provides an easy and consistent fundraising model for schools via the participation of registered businesses within and around the school community. Every month 25% of the business registration fee is donated to the local school.

Parents can search the The School Business Register for free to connect locally with goods and services they need.

For business, the register offers a supportive and direct marketing platform to reach local school communities.

Help connect locally with business and fundraise easily for your school! Visit: http://schoolbusinessregister.com.au”. JOIN HERE FOR YOUR FREE E-NEWS